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YSM (Youth Summer Ministry) is a weeklong mission during which groups of youth (ages 13-18) and adults from all over the country join together with a goal to meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of Cumberland Mountain families. Through this service program, all participants experience various worship styles, leadership opportunities, and are encouraged to build relationships with members of the camp community as well as those within the service area.

11403007_10200562705627771_9040162247115922125_nOur hope is that through meeting all of the needs of the Cumberland Mountain families, the groups will find commonalities with them and thus bridge the cultural gap – we instill the idea of working with people as opposed to for them.

​In the summer of 2016, we worked with 445 families, completed 598 projects and formed 413 partnerships. But there is so much more to transformative ministry than these numbers. Every project is an effort to create a safer and healthier environment for a homeowner and to preserve existing resources. The families we work WITH often have wonderful and inspiring life stories that they love to share with the groups while they are working on the project. It is the relationships that are formed in those interactions that transforms the structure, or the paint, or the yard work into a symbol of love and compassion for many years.
We would love for youth of your community to come and form relationships with other youth, people of the Cumberland Mountain community and Jesus Christ. We value our participants experiencing growth in Christ. We value bringing people together. We value making a difference.
Come make a difference with us! Find out more about our Youth Summer Ministry and the other ministries we have at!