Was it a Silent Night? TSU Wesley 615 & Belmont Wesley Foundation Partner in Christmas Message

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Although all of our nights have not been silent this season, through it all, this story still offers us peace and joy. Just like then, we are a weary world rejoicing ​ As we continue in ministry, now and beyond this holiday, our mission to spread this good news about Jesus Christ to young adults everywhere is alive! This good news to a weary world still offers blessings of love and hope. – Rev. Michele Morton

TSU Wesley Foundation, Belmont Wesley Fellowship, and United Methodist Communications partnered to present a video Christmas message in 2020. Their focus was to encourage all of us to find our own special time sharing the amazing gospel story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The video encourages everyone to look for new ways to show God’s love and spread peace in a hurting world.

“The beginning of Genesis tells us that in the midst of chaos, God created. You certainly don’t need to hear from me how chaotic 2020 was. For those of us serving in campus ministry, we simply had no idea what would happen at any given moment. So, when I received a call from my colleague and friend, The Reverend Michele Morton, about collaborating to create a Christmas video, I was elated. Along with her incredibly talented students, Michele had already created a video called “We Will Win” which had received over two thousand views on YouTube.

I also knew how meaningful it would be to have students from TSU and Belmont come together. Our students have a great deal in common, and yet American society hands them a false narrative about how different they are based solely on the color of their skin. Michele was keen on focusing our attention on another false narrative about Christmas. We love the notion of a silent night. And yet, reality tells us it was anything but a silent night. God came into the world through Jesus as a helpless, marginalized baby born to an unmarried mother in an empire that immediately sought his death. Things were pretty rough in 0 AD as well. But God’s ability to create beauty in the depths of tragic circumstance is unmatched.

Our students came together to speak and express this beauty through the arts.  Even in the midst of the most challenging times, they have faced, we can access peace through the One who created us and calls us “beloved.” This message of God’s love is not seasonal or limited in any way. As we move faithfully in 2021, perhaps facing many more challenges of chaos, we are certain we can come together if we choose to do so and help create a better world. In campus ministry, young adults are learning, leading, loving and changing the world!” – Rev. David Hollis

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