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Sam’s S.E.C. Movement

A student accepts a challenge to lead a movement

Sam Kilian (seated, center) poses with members of Charlotte-Fagan UMC youth group.

Charlotte-Fagan UMC, Charlotte, TN.  At Warmth in Winter 2018, Sam Kilian attended the “Starting a Movement” workshop for high school students. She felt challenged to begin a movement of her own. She came to Charlotte-Fagan Director of Youth Ministries Loran Anderson with her ideas, so they brainstormed what she was passionate about and what resources Charlotte-Fagan could offer her. Sam decided to collect sports equipment, inspired by the fact that many students in her youth group are active in many sports. They decided to name the effort “Sam’s S.E.C. (sports equipment collection)”. Sam presented the idea during Worship, and a collection station was placed at the Mission Table in the church’s sanctuary.

After the final collection date, the Youth spent a gathering night cleaning and sorting the items.

Some of the items donated by Charlotte-Fagan community members for Sam’s S.E.C Movement.

Sam led a devotion based on passages from the Book of Isaiah where the prophet proclaims God is making all things new. These items would be made new by giving them a new purpose in the lives of those that need them.

The equipment was given to the Dickson Housing Authority to benefit local children and youth in public housing residences.