Voting at Annual Conference

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Only Members with Proper Credentials May Vote

When you check in at annual conference, you are given a nametag that indicates your voting eligibility (this is your voter ID card).  Also, you must be on the floor of Brentwood sanctuary to vote (not in the balcony).

Alternate members, elected by each church at a charge conference, may attend to hear the debate and procedures, but may not vote.

If a Lay Member to Annual Conference is unable to fulfill their duties as the representative, the Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference from that charge can fill their position. However, they can only vote as a substitute for the Lay Member after they have officially been recognized by the Conference Secretary.

  • To fill this substitute position, the Lay Member needs to turn in their voting credentials (name tag) to the Annual Conference Help Desk at Brentwood UMC and then the new voting credentials can be distributed to the Alternate Lay Member to serve in the role of Lay Member.
  • If that is not possible, the pastor of the charge can submit an email to OR sign the appropriate form at the Annual Conference Help Desk at Brentwood. (If the pastor is not able to do so, the same can be submitted by the District Superintendent of the District for that charge.)

Until something official has been submitted, the Alternate to Annual Conference will not be given voting credentials.