Virginia Conference Disaster Response — Teams Needed

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In February, storms and multiple tornadoes swept across Virginia causing loss of life, injuries, and severe property damage in communities in three districts of the conference. Work teams are being requested for the following dates and locations.
  • Sept. 12-16 (Evergreen, Tappahannock, and Waverly)
  • Sept. 19-23 (Tappahannock)
  • Sept. 26-30 (Waverly)
  • Oct. 03-07 (Evergreen)
  • Oct. 17-21 (Waverly)
  • Oct. 24-28 (Tappahannock, Waverly)
  • Oct. 31-Nov. 4 (Waverly)
  • Nov. 07-11 (Evergreen, Tappahannock, and Waverly)
  • Nov. 14-18 (Evergreen, Tappahannock, and Waverly)
  • Nov. 28-Dec. 2 (Evergreen, Tappahannock, and Waverly)
  • Dec. 05-09 (Evergreen, Tappahannock, and Waverly)
  • Dec. 12-16 (Evergreen, Tappahannock, and Waverly)
For more information or to schedule a team, please contact Angela Overstreet, Disaster Response Coordinator at