UMW: Light it Up Yellow on August 18 for Women’s Voting Rights

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UMW Urges Yellow Ribbons To Celebrate Historic Women’s Voting Rights with Passage of 19th Amendment

All across America women will celebrate August 18th as the date that Tennessee officially ratified the19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women the right to vote.

The United Methodist Women (UMW) urges all Tennesseans to “Light It Up Yellow” by wearing Yellow Roses or Ribbons at home, work, or display YELLOW in any manner to celebrate this historic moment.

It was Harry T. Burn, Tennessee State Representative, who, at the urging of his mother, changed his vote to now support the ratification securing the victory August 18, 1920.

His mother had sent a letter supporting women’s suffrage and encouraging her son to help give women of the United States the right to vote. “Miss Febb” Burn, a UMW foremother, advanced the cause of justice by one vote because “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” As we commemorate this historic occasion, we remember our foremothers wore yellow roses to show unity of cause.

Later in August, U. S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby issued a proclamation that officially declared the ratification of the 19th Amendment and made it part of the United States Constitution. Tennessee provided the 36th and final state needed to ratify this landmark amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In addition, UMW also urges ALL Tennesseans to register and vote in all local and national elections!