UMCOR Supports Local Response Efforts

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Both the Nashville and Memphis Annual conferences received $10,000 grants from UMCOR due to the impact of recent disasters. These grants are to help with immediate and emergency needs until the entire situation can be assessed and a request for more funding can be submitted.

The solidarity grants are a part of the administration costs calculated into what is received each year from the UMCOR Sunday giving.

The gifts received for UMCOR Sunday fund all administrative costs for the coming year and solidarity grants. The offerings received on UMCOR Sunday allow for every dollar given to a specified Advance for disaster response to be spent on the disaster. That’s 100% of all advance giving! UMCOR Sunday ensures that all Advance giving can be directed to disaster response.

Please encourage your congregations to give to this vital ministry of our church that reaches into our communities, throughout the nation, and around God’s world.