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How do you feel today? 

It’s all too easy to feel disconnected while living with quarantines and physical distancing. So, let’s connect and share some fun!

The “Today I Feel…” movement is a way to keep us all connected and bring a little more light to your day! 

When God molded us, we were given every emotion and expected to feel them and accept them. The Bible is full of examples that show us that our emotions – sad, happy, angry, surprised, lonely, excited, joy –  are a gift from God that can help us connect with one another. 

And we can use those to connect in a very real way – even virtually! So, how do you feel today?  We’ll help you share with our Tennessee Conference family on social media! 

Join the movement! 

Take out a sheet of paper and write in a few words how you are feeling today, no matter what that feeling is. Be sure to use a big, bold marker and write clearly so that it takes up the whole page. Then take a selfie – or if you are not alone, gather with your family or your furry friends and snap a picture! (Or you can use photo editing to add text right on the picture.)

Please submit your pictures to*. 

Please remember to include: 

  • your name 
  • who is with you in the photo


*By submitting this picture to you are agreeing to allow the Tennessee Conference to publish your image on all social media platforms. 

Melinda & Baby Chick
Kimberly & Kylie
Pictured L-R: Joanna, Claudia, Lily, & Josh