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The 2016 year-end remittance reports for the Tennessee Conference were one of the best collection rates in at least eight years for the Tennessee Conference, at almost 90% paid. The 2016 apportioned budget was nearly even with the amount apportioned in 2015. Over 400 of the 585 churches (71%) paid 100% or more. Tennessee Conference paid 100% of its General and Jurisdictional Apportionments for the fifth consecutive year.

By district, Pulaski and Murfreesboro had the highest collection percentages, barely edging past Clarksville, Columbia, and Cumberland. Nashville District had their highest collection percentage in years, and all seven districts were strong.

As of the end of September 2016, only 29 churches, or 5%, remitted 50% of the total conference remittances. In contrast, 494 churches remitted the other 50%.

TN Conference Treasurer Jim Allen thanks all the contributors in United Methodist churches across the conference for their support.

The 29 churches making up 50% of the conference’s remittance totals include:

  • Clarksville      Dickson First
  • Clarksville      Hilldale
  • Clarksville      Springfield First
  • Columbia       Bethlehem
  • Columbia       Columbia First
  • Columbia       Franklin First
  • Cookeville     Cookeville First
  • Cookeville     Crossville First
  • Cookeville     Fairfield Glade
  • Cumberland    Gallatin First
  • Cumberland    Grace (4300)
  • Cumberland    Hendersonville First
  • Cumberland    Hermitage
  • Cumberland    Lebanon First
  • Cumberland    Rehoboth
  • Murfreesboro Fellowship (5990)
  • Murfreesboro Murfreesboro First
  • Murfreesboro Smyrna First
  • Murfreesboro Mark’s
  • Murfreesboro Tullahoma First
  • Murfreesboro Winchester First
  • Nashville      Belle Meade
  • Nashville      Belmont
  • Nashville      Brentwood
  • Nashville      Calvary
  • Nashville      Christ
  • Nashville      West End
  • Pulaski      Fayetteville First
  • Pulaski      Pulaski First