THRIVE 2021 Leadership Training

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Rise Up and Rebuild: Empowering, Encouraging & Equipping will be held Sunday, August 22 at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom with Fresh New Sessions
Here are the details of the breakout session titles, descriptions, and facilitators.  PLEASE KNOW YOU MAY ATTEND ANY OF THE SIX SESSIONS!  
You did not have to attend the first session in February or the second session in May to participate.
Follow these three steps to prepare for this virtual leadership event!
1.  REVIEW the SIX breakout sessions below and decide which you would like to attend.
2.  REGISTER for the event by clicking on the Registration link, REGISTER HERE,  you will be given the opportunity to choose a breakout session.  
     When you register, you will automatically be sent a registration confirmation with a Zoom link for the event.  We would like to have all registrations by 
      end of day August 19th to be able to prepare for breakout sessions.
3.  SHARE this information with ALL lay and clergy in your congregations!   We have attached a two page document with all the information that is included in this email.
Please direct all questions to Lisa Martin at

Breakout Sessions for August 22, 2021, 3:00pm
We will humbly move the process forward in assessing whether your congregation is willing, prepared and poised to enter into difficult dialogues.
Session Designed For: Laity & clergy who are interested in initiating difficult dialogues within your congregation and/or forming dialogue groups with other churches
Facilitators:  Rick Quinn, Lay Leadership Team of McKendree UMC
Rev. Dr. Sheila Peters, Ph. D., Pastor of Braden UMC
Join this session and enjoy discovering ways we can nurture our creativity.
Let’s share together the delights and challenges of ministry this season. We will explore ways technology can help us stay connected and engaged. Bring your best ideas, your work area teams and together let’s use our imagination!
Session Designed For:  All church leaders and teams (lay and clergy) who lead meetings, design presentations or sermons, create audio-visuals, design worship experiences or lead program areas of ministry. (Christian Education/Discipleship, Evangelism, Nurture and Outreach)
Facilitator Rev. Michele Morton, TSU Wesley Foundation Panel Members
Shepherding the life of the church is demanding in the best of times and far more so in a climate of chronic anxiety.  Churches that are able to navigate turbulent events must have a strong leadership team–composed of the pastor and key lay leaders.  This workshop outlines the ways lay persons can help their pastor provide faithful leadership in stressful circumstances.
Session Designed For:  Lay persons serving in a leadership role in the local church
Facilitator:  Rev. Tom Laney, Director of the Turner Center for Church Leadership
Some have called the last few years a “great reset”, noting how the pandemic challenged people to ask what most mattered or gave meaning to their life. As the church navigates the season ahead, how are we fostering space for meaningful conversation and discipleship transformation? Join us as we collaborate and ponder these questions.
  1. English Session Designed For: Laity and clergy seeking to develop intentional discipleship systems within their congregation.
            FacilitatorRev. Scott Hughes, Discipleship Ministries
     2.  Spanish Session Designed For: Laity and clergy seeking to develop intentional discipleship systems using the small group approach.
            Facilitator:  Rev. David Martinez, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
This breakout session will teach practical solutions to help plan out and prepare your weekly sermons. By engaging with the experiences of our facilitators you will gain insight into how to tackle any and all sermons no matter how often you preach.
Session Designed For:  All who preach; lay speakers and clergy
Facilitators:  Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Williams, Professor, Tennessee State University
Rev. Tondala Hayward, Associate Pastor at Collierville UMC
Rev. Tory Shane Dillard, Pastor of Adamsville UMC