The Election Process

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The process for elections will be as follows:

  • The Book of Discipline ¶34 Article III details the voting process to be used.
  • We will begin by taking nominations from the floor for clergy and then we will take nominations from the floor for the laity. 
  • As those nominations are received, the nominees will proceed to the nominations table in the Narthex to declare interest or decline the nomination, sign an agreement to serve, and confirm eligibility to serve and be given a voting number. These nominees will be added onto the first ballot that already holds the nominees who were nominated prior to annual conference.
  • After the clergy nominations are complete, nominations from the floor for laity will begin and be completed with the same process. 
  • Once the clergy nominees are confirmed, the ballot clergy will be presented and we will then begin with the election of the four clergy delegates to General Conference, followed by the four clergy delegates to Jurisdictional Conference, then the two reserve delegates. 
  • At any time, between ballots, a nominee may withdraw their name by going to the nearest microphone and verbally withdrawing their candidacy.
  • Once a candidate withdraws their candidacy, their name cannot be placed back on the ballot.
  • For 2020, the first clergyperson to receive more than 50% of the vote will be the leader of the delegation to General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference. 
  • In the event 2 clergy are elected by more than a 50% margin at the same time the person with the most votes will be the head of the delegation.
  • Voting will be repeated until 4 General Conference Delegates are elected.
  • Voting will continue until there are 4 Jurisdictional delegates. Following the election of 4 General Conference delegates and 4 Jurisdictional Conference delegates, the voting process will continue until the 2 reserve delegates are elected by more than 50% of the vote. The first reserve delegate elected is the first to move onto a delegation.
  • Following the completed clergy delegation we will begin the election of the Lay delegates by the same process.