Tennessee Tech Wesley launches into 2018 school year!

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We just recently finished our Week of Welcome events at the Tennessee Tech Wesley Foundation. August was busy with our residential staff and leadership team retreats, a staff work week where our students did renovations and cleaning on our whole property, and an exciting schedule of back to school events where we had the opportunity to welcome hundreds of new students into Christian community at Wesley. Our student leadership team planned and facilitated events ranging from a low country boil dinner to an inflatable games pool party, to a community worship service, and a video games and spa night. We averaged over 120 students at all of our week of welcome community events!

The greatest gift of all our planning, late night set-up and cleaning, and hard work is the fruit of relationship and the connection that comes from facilitating a space for students during Week of Welcome. One freshman said, “I came to college already having decided that I was done with church. My roommate convinced me to come to Wesley and I reluctantly did, but only for the free dinner. I was overwhelmed by how welcoming everyone was, and how safe I felt to express what I am going through. I am so excited to get to be a part of this community that already inspires my faith so much, even though I never thought I would want to be involved in a campus ministry.” Another freshman said “I have never felt so at home somewhere so quickly. I feel like I can ask hard questions about my faith, and be nurtured in my beliefs all at the same time.” We are so grateful for the connections we have made with so many students already this year, and we’re excited to continue into the semester!

Rev. Addison Shock is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Tech Wesley. Contact Addison.