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Intested applicants should send resume and cover letter to Ellen Zinkiewicz at zinkiewicze@bellsouth.net.

Job Description
Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries
Blakemore United Methodist Church
3601 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37205

Time Commitment and Salary
Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/week
Approximate wage: $15/hour or $17,500/year

Educational Requirements
College graduate

Supervision and Team Leadership
● Pastor for supervision.
● Works in conjunction with the MORE Kids Team and the Youth Teams (will need to be developed)
● Participates in the monthly Leadership Team meetings

Purpose and goal of position
Guide the faith development of children (birth-10 years old), middle school (10-13 years old) and high school youth (age 13 -18 years old) by partnering with them, their families, and other church members to coordinate activities and experiences that are grounded in scripture, spiritual practices, prayer, community building, and teaching in the tradition of The United Methodist Church.

● Build and maintain connections with children, youth, parents and volunteers through regular scheduled ministry opportunities
● Welcome guest children, middle school and high school youth and their parents. Develop strategic follow-up contact plan for all first time guest.
● Create and sustain strategic outreach to local community.

● Execute faith development opportunities/activities for each specific age level.
● Execute opportunities/activities for multi age level events.
● Execute special faith development events such as Confirmation, Graduation Recognition, Mission Opportunities, Camp Experiences

Safe Spaces
● Create a safe space that is inclusive for all children, middle and high school students. A space that honors, respects and recognizes the sacred createdness in all.
● Ensure Safe Sanctuary policy and procedures are maintained and followed..
● Recruit and maintain appropriate number of volunteers who have a passion for specific age levels (this includes nursery volunteers for worship, special events, church wide-meetings and as needed).
● Provide training for volunteers, obtain background checks and ensure all have signed the “MORE Children and Youth Covenant”

● Be in regular contact with with children, middle school and high school youth
● Be in regular contact with with parents/guardians.
● Develop and MORE Kids Team and MORE Youth Team. Meet with teams on a regular basis to plan and coordinate all opportunities/activities.
● Create regular content to be shared through social media.
● Maintain specific social media groups.

Leadership and Connection
● Meet with Pastor on a regular basis.
● Be present at Staff meeting if available.
● Maintain and submit yearly budget for specific age levels.
● Be present at monthly Leadership Team meetings and bi-monthly Saying Grace church-wide meetings