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It is the responsibility of the Committee on Resolutions to consider every resolution that has been submitted with the intention of being brought to the floor of the Annual Conference.  We do not vote on the content or consider whether we agree with the point of view of the maker of the resolution that has been submitted. Instead the parameters of our assigned task are twofold.

The first task of the Committee on Resolutions is to determine if a proposed resolution is consistent with the Book of Discipline, especially the Constitution and Articles of Religion.  If it does not pass the constitutionality test than it is our duty to recommend to the Bishop and the Annual Conference that it be ruled out of order. The resolution will still be printed however ( in this case being posted electronically) and on the floor our recommendation can be changed.

The second task that Committee on Resolutions must undertake is to determine whether a resolution can pass the test of concurrence. Some of the questions the Committee considers are: Is there a clearly discernable and actionable step defined in the “Therefore, be it resolved?”   Is that action step within the legislative authority of the Annual Conference? Does it meet the requirements of the Annual Conference Standing Rules?

Please consider these criteria for the resolutions posted.

Rev. Jeremy Squires
TN Conference Resolutions Committee Chair


The TNUMC 2018 Annual Conference Resolution and Standing Rules Items can be found here as they are submitted.  Resolution Submission Guidelines
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 Standing Rules

The Standing Rules of the Tennessee Annual Conference represent the means by which we organize and oversee our work of making disciples for the transformation of the world. The Standing Rules are adopted each year by the Annual Conference and guide our life together through the next Annual Conference session. Amendments and additions to these rules are overseen by a Committee on Standing Rules and are presented to the Annual Conference for consideration. The rules adopted by the Annual Conference become effective upon the adjournment of that conference. The procedures for adding or amending the Standing Rules can be found in Section 4 of the Standing Rules. Procedural rules may be suspended by a 2/3 vote of the members of the Annual Conference.