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The Resolutions on this page have been submitted to the 2020 Tennessee Annual Conference for consideration.

The resolutions committee will determine whether the resolutions presented this year meet the tests of constitutionality and concurrence. For more detail on how these criteria are evaluated by the resolutions committee please review: “Information from the Committee on Resolutions.”


Housing-Pension Resolution

Care for God’s Creation Resolution

Golden Cross Date Change Resolution


The following resources are available for review at on the page:
Materials for 2020 Annual Conference Consideration

TWKUMC Town Hall Webinar Recording (8/25/2020)

Supporting documents specifically regarding the new conference

    • Structure
    • Benefits
    • Budget



In working toward alignment of the Camp and Retreat Ministries of the Tennessee and Memphis Annual Conferences, a draft resolution was mistakenly posted on the Tennessee Annual Conference website. The Board of Camp and Retreat Ministries apologizes for this error and any confusion this miscommunication has created. Just to be clear: there are no resolutions from the TN Board of Camp & Retreat Ministries to be considered at this annual conference.