Refusing to Be Comforted: A Methodist Response to Violence

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with Bishop Sally Dyck and Bishop Bill McAlilly

February 25, 2017
8:00 am to 12:30 pm
St. John’s United Methodist Church
1207 Peabody Ave., Memphis, TN

St. John’s UMC, in collaboration with the Methodist House of Studies at Memphis Theological Seminary, invite you for a time of prayerful discernment, discussion, idea sharing, and witness making as we reflect upon the impact of violence on our communities.

We are blessed to have Bishop Sally Dyck, of the Northern Illinois Conference, and Bishop Bill McAlilly, of the Memphis Conference, to help frame our day. These bishops preside over Memphis and Chicago, major metropolitan centers where record incidences of violence and homicide impact more and more lives, more and more families, more and more children of God.

What is the Church’s role in making a faithful response? Is it not our charge to do so? Calling upon the cry of Rachel found in scripture who refused to be comforted because “her children are no more,” what ways do we as “people called Methodists” find ourselves no longer resigned to the reality of violence as the way things are, but rather refuse to accept that violence is the way things shall be?

When shall we “refuse to be comforted?” And what shall we do as followers of Jesus to make to make a different path, a different way?

Framed from their own experiences of violence in their lives and in the lives of people within their conferences, Bishops Dyck and McAlilly will give participants a charge to keep finding ways to live into the “things that make for peace.”

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