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By Rev. Nick Baird-Chrisohon a.k.a. DJ #ClergySwag

On February 1 of this year, Charlotte-Fagan youth Lia Nesbitt underwent surgery for a recurring tumor in her brain. The two-night stay in Pensacola meant Lia would miss her 8th grade prom – a tradition in Dickson County.

Charlotte-Fagan UMC youth ministers Becky Kilian and Jay Peeler wanted to find a way for the church to support her in a meaningful way that spoke to her experience as a youth.

Many people offered thoughts and prayers during Lia’s surgery, but what could the church do in the period after surgery as Lia adjusted to the transition to high school? How could we, as a community of faith and family, give her the send-off from middle school that she missed?

The church banded together and threw a prom in honor of Lia and also as an opportunity for the youth to see where church can “fit” in their normal, everyday lives. Just as Christ often spent time in joyous fellowship with the disciples, could the church also offer a space of fun fellowship?

On June 17, 2016, we threw a prom, and it was a huge success! Many of our middle and high school youth commented that the church prom was more fun than their own school-sponsored proms. When we open ourselves up to God, opportunities to extend grace abound…even in the Cupid Shuffle.

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