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  • Northern District of Chile: The Methodist Church of Chile has been trying to start a Church community in the town of Hurra, a town of about 2,000 people in the Middle of the Antacama Desert. They have the property and a building was constructed, but the earthquake in 2005 completely destroyed the building, and they would like to rebuild this church building.
  • Valparais: Located 80 towards the coast from Santiago, Chile is a community called “Villa Alemana”.  They wish to build a new church and the foundations have been installed, however, they need help to finish the project.
  • City of Santiago, Chile: A building over fifty years ago, and the fourth church of Santiago, “Buen  Samaritano” is located in La Cisterna, a community in Santiago. The construction of the church was done very poorly, and the roof is now leaking, in additional to numerous other problems. Repairs are needed.
  • District William Taylor: Due to the Earthquake of 2010, the Talca Methodist Church parsonage is in need of major repairs. The church community there would like to add another room to the parsonage.
  • District Concepcion: Built 60 years ago, the first Methodist Church of Lota parsonage needs to be rebuilt. Lota is  25 miles from the Seaport town of Concepcion, the third largest city in Chile.
  • Southern District of Chile: Located in the Lake District of Chile, the Methodist  Church of Osorno building is in need of major repairs.
  • Coelemu: There is an urgent need to complete the parsonage. There are also Sunday school classrooms that need painting. It would be ideal to have teams who also can provide Church Leadership Training for laity, Bible School for Children and Youth, vitamins and calcium supplements for older adults and children, as well as aspirin for adults and children.
  • Pitrufquen: Repairs are needed on the sanctuary and parsonage, and the Social Hall needs to painted. It is also requested that the teams also provide Bible School for children and youth, a communion altar cloth and communion set, vitamins and calcium supplements for older adults and children, as well as aspirin for adults and children.
  • Puerto Natales: Construction of Sunday school classrooms and repairs on the parsonage are needed. The best time for volunteer teams in the Chilean Patagonia is from October to March, during the Spring/Summer.