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Pastor/Director of Youth Ministry

The Village Church Vision: Helping people who feel far from God or disconnected from the church connect to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers. In youth ministry, this means helping teenagers who feel far from God or disconnected from the church connect to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers.
The Village Church Mission: Leading ordinary people to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who change the world. In youth ministry, this means leading ordinary teenagers to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who change the world.
We refer to disciple-making, world-changing followers of Jesus as “CG3 Disciples,” people who do these four things: Connect, Grow, Give, and Go.
• Connect: CG3 Disciples CONNECT to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers through personal and corporate worship. We want to help teenagers connect to Jesus through worship.
• Grow: CG3 Disciples GROW in their trust and understanding of who Jesus is and their willingness to follow him through being part of a group or smaller community. We invite teenagers to grow in Jesus through groups.
• Give: CG3 Disciples GIVE generously to God’s kingdom work through the ministries of the local church. We encourage teenagers to give to the mission of Jesus with their gifts and resources.
• Go: CG3 Disciples GO to join in God’s Kingdom mission by reaching and serving their neighbors with the love of Jesus. We empower teenagers to go serve God’s mission with their lives.
Ministry Summary
The Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries will oversee and empower the growth and development of CG3 Disciples of students between 6th-12th grade. The aim of our youth ministry is to graduate disciples of Jesus who know how to make disciples who make disciples who go out to change the world. We want to help teenagers develop and grow in their knowledge, understanding, and relationship with Jesus and send them out to make an impact wherever they go from here. The youth pastor will build partnerships with parents and with adult volunteer leaders to help create the kinds of environments at church and at home where teenagers are welcomed as they are and led into growing relationships with Jesus and with each other.
• Clearly demonstrates faith in, and has a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
• Understands and embodies the mission, vision, and staff and team values of The Village Church
• Enjoys a team environment and possesses eagerness to build, grow and evolve, as well as work independently to complete a variety of tasks
• Ability and willingness to experiment, make mistakes, laugh, have fun, and take creative risks
• Able to identify, recruit, develop, motivate, and oversee teams of staff and volunteer leaders, as well as cast vision and inspire, equipping the church to live out its mission
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to handle sensitive information with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality
Essential Functions
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Leads, recruits, equips, and empowers a team of volunteers and staff to implement the mission and vision of the church in Village Youth. Equips, cares for and leads teams as they engage in all facets of the ministry.
• Identifies, develops, and implements a comprehensive plan for youth ministry that includes short, medium, and long term goals as well as key actions and deadlines that strategically accomplishes our mission to teenagers.
• Builds purposeful relationships with teenagers and their parents through direct contact and regular personal connection and communication.
• Creates a regular, irresistible large group gatherings for youth that aims to connect them deeply to Jesus and to each other and leads teams necessary to build this gathering.
• Plans and leads 1-2 retreat opportunities per year for teenagers to experience deeper connection to Jesus and to each other.
• Works to incorporate teenagers into the worship life of the overall church on Sunday mornings.
• Builds growing network of small groups, equipping volunteer small group leaders to build environments where teenagers feel supported and cared for, where they can have real, honest, faith-based discussion, and where they can pray with and for each other.
• Creates opportunities for teenagers to dig deeper through smaller Bible studies and leadership growth opportunities.
• Leads ongoing, scheduled opportunities for teenagers to take first steps or next steps in following Jesus through things such as Youth Alpha (or some form of “confirmation.”)
• Provides opportunities for teenagers to use their gifts to serve in an ongoing way through the ministries of the church and within youth ministry (e.g. Village Kids, A/V Team, Worship Team, Greeting Team, etc.)
• Plans and leads 2-4 opportunities every summer for mission trips for teenagers that seek to expose teenagers to a variety of serving opportunities and locations, opportunities for teenagers to encounter God and discover their gifts for ministry.
• Creates meaningful connections with schools and other youth-related organizations in the community
• Plans and leads at least one larger event for fun and relational connection each semester that is invitational in nature, with the purpose of building relational connections for the teenagers with each other and with the youth pastor and leaders, and inviting them to take a clear next step in their relationship with God and the church.
• Communicates clearly with parents through things like annual/semi-annual parent’s meeting, regular newsletter communication, sharing of helpful resources for parents of teenagers, etc.
• Initiates communication clearly and regularly with church leadership to ensure alignment with the overall mission, vision, and strategies of the church as well as to coordinate things like senior Sunday, commissioning prayers for students attending mission trips, and other ways of sharing the stories of what God is doing in the lives of teenagers at The Village.
• Works closely with Village Kids on transitions between kids and youth ministries, and collaborates on all-ages and all-church initiatives.
• Oversees the overall annual budget of youth ministries.
• Disconnected teenagers are connecting to Jesus in increasing measure, and there is an increase in the number of teenagers who are being baptized and who are regularly and consistently connecting to Jesus through personal and corporate worship.
• Disconnected families are becoming part of the life of the church through their teenager’s involvement in Village Youth.
• Teenagers are growing in their trust and understanding of who Jesus is through their participation in Youth Small Groups.
• Volunteer small group leaders and volunteers are growing in healthy ways in how they’re becoming disciples who make disciples, and they are equipped, engaged, and appreciated in their ministry.
• Teenagers are given the opportunity to lead and to use their gifts in meaningful ways to join in the mission of Jesus both within the church and outside the walls of the church.
• Teenagers are beginning to articulate a call to ministry, service, and vocation that impacts how they think about their future.
• Schools, sports teams, and other spheres of relationship and influence that teenagers inhabit are being positively impacted by CG3 disciples from The Village.
Supervisory Responsibility
This position has supervisory responsibilities over volunteer leaders to carry out the mission and vision of The Village.
Work Environment
This job operates outside the walls of a formal church and office building. Employee will work in various types of environments including, but not limited to, working from home, working in public spaces alone or in groups, and working on Sundays at Sunset Middle School. This role routinely uses standard office equipment.
Physical Demands
While performing the duties of this job, the employee will be in various work environments as listed above. Position is somewhat sedentary and is required to talk, hear, stand, walk, and sit. Employee must lift or move boxes of supplies or other ministry-related items up to 30 pounds. Position requires bending, stooping, and reaching to setup and teardown for Sunday morning and other events.
Expected Hours of Work
Hours of work are 40 hours per week. Position may require additional hours during certain projects. Sunday is a work day (7a – 1p) with other hours worked during the week as schedule requires. Some hours on Friday or Saturday are required to prepare for Sunday worship.
Travel is primarily local during the business day, although some out-of-the area and overnight travel may be expected.
Education and Experience Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree in related field, Master’s degree preferred
• Five (5) plus years of related ministry or professional experience preferred
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed
by individuals assigned to this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties,
responsibilities, and skills required of personnel so classified.

The Top 10: Staff and Leader Values
The following statements define who we are as a team and as leaders at The Village. We are unapologetic that this is what we’re about and that this is what it takes to be a member of our team.
1. We passionately pursue Jesus. (Follow Jesus First)
It all starts and ends with our commitment to follow Jesus. As individuals, we are intentionally pursuing growth in our trust in Jesus and our willingness to follow him and to invite people to join us in following him. As a church, we keep Jesus at the center and we try our best to figure out what it means to follow him together.
2. We relentlessly reach new people. (It’s Not for Us)
We are here as a church and as individuals to connect disconnected people to Jesus and to a community of Jesus followers. Our collective heart beats for disconnected, broken, lonely, hurting people. We prioritize reaching the people who aren’t here yet.
3. We expect God to show up. (Expect the Unexpected)
We believe in a God who still works, acts, moves, and speaks. We are wide open and expectant for God to do that again and again and again. If we’re able to do in on our own, we’re probably not dreaming a God-sized dream.
4. We are sold out for the mission over our own ministry. (Mission Over Ministry)
We believe in and are all in on the mission of the church and the ministry of the whole over and above any of our own preferences or ministries. A win for the church is a win for everybody.
5. We bring our very best to the table. (Bring Your Best)
We believe that God deserves the best of our effort, our creativity, and our imagination, so we are determined in bringing the very best of ourselves to the table. We also expect the best from each other, trusting in each other to bring our best.
6. We work together to get “the stuff” done. (Sweep the Floor)
We are a team and we operate in teams. We do what needs to be done together, we hustle, we help each other, we understand that no task is below our pay grade, we roll up our sleeves together, we grab a broom and sweep the floor if that’s what’s needed, and we don’t stop until “the stuff” is done for everyone.
7. We constantly make it better. (Make It Better)
We are teachable. We are continual learners and growers and innovators and improvers. We look first in the mirror to find ways to make our ministries more effective, we ask for feedback, we graciously offer feedback to each other, and we gracefully receive it when it’s given, always looking for ways to learn and grow.
8. We are flexible and we adapt quickly. (Expect the Flex)
We know that it’s the flexible who can never get bent out of shape. We accept that the nature of this work is that it’s always in flux. We are willing and able to adapt and improvise and be flexible in the moment. We invite the Holy Spirit to do things in our lives and our ministries that we couldn’t predict or plan.
9. We risk big and we fail forward. (Fail Forward)
We recognize that there is no such thing as “missional complacency” in God’s church. (We’ve looked for it all over the New Testament, and we can’t find it anywhere.) If we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough. We would rather risk and fail and learn from our mistakes than stay safe and become content and slowly decline and die.
10. We don’t do anything ourselves that we can empower someone to do with us. (Replace Yourself)
We are disciples who make disciples who make disciples. This means we freely give away leadership and ownership any other ship we can think to give away. We recognize that in the end, we are all interim staff members and it’s our responsibility to raise people up to come behind us.
P.S. We love and laugh hard. In all of this, we enjoy life, care for one another, have fun together, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.