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Bell Buckle United Methodist Church – Parents’ Day Out
Apply via Email:
Address: 110 Maple Street, Bell Buckle, TN 37020 Phone: (615) 517-9332

Parents’ Day Out Director Job Description-
Title: Parents’ Day Out Director
Status: Part to ½ Time Salary: $12-14/ hour
Reports to: PDO Board and Staff/Parish Relations Committee Supervises: PDO Staff

Job Summary:
The Parents’ Day Out (PDO) Director at Bell Buckle United Methodist Church plans, promotes, directs, and evaluates PDO and related work as required. She/he ensures that PDO provides a safe, inviting, legally compliant environment for the care of program participants. Program runs September through May. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00am – 2:00pm. Open House Aug. 26th.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
• Have the ability to work during scheduled times that are consistent with the Bedford Co. School Schedule. These times are Tuesday and Thursday from 9am – 2pm from September through May except for church or secular holidays. Arriving on time and remaining through these times are expected.
• Provide for the safety of children while in the PDO program.
• Adhere to all applicable standards as set by the State and county, including but
not limited to maintaining staff ratios, completing staff background checks, writing of policies and procedures, and reporting of Critical Incidents.
• Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate PDO staff.
• Evaluate, develop, and implement marketing materials for PDO.
• Coordinate PDO staffing schedule to ensure that PDO is staffed in accordance with State licensing regulations. Directly supervise PDO staff. Call on substitute teachers when necessary.
• Maintain PDO staff compliance regarding prevention of child abuse and misconduct and other training requirements as required.
• Maintain/update program and staff records.
• Prepare annual budget and other routine/special reports as indicated.
• Closely monitor each classroom and stand in as a teacher when necessary.
• Promote parental and staff understanding of the growth and development of children.
• Respond to program inquiries and conduct tours of the facility/program for prospective parents.
• Participate in the development and assessment of annual goals and objectives for PDO.

The PDO Director has additional responsibilities as follows:
• Greet parents and children when they arrive at PDO.
• Communicate with parents regarding announcements or issues during child pick-up times.
• Conduct new employee orientation.
• Record and report PDO staff hours for payroll purposes.
• Purchase supplies and equipment and ensure that these items are available as needed in PDO.
• Ensure PDO area and equipment are kept in good order and repair.
• Communicate with parents as to schedule changes.
• Conduct parent survey at the end of each session.
• Write/edit Employee Handbook and train employees on policies and procedures.
• Enroll children in PDO and determine appropriate placement.
• Plan special event days (e.g. Mother’s Day, Holiday performance, Independence Day)
• Organize/lead regular PDO staff meetings.
• Plan monthly theme and associated age-appropriate activities for children in PDO.
• Research and implement new ideas to augment curriculum.
• Serve as liaison to church staff for PDO.
• Report to the SPRC Director on a regular basis
• Attend BBUMC Administrative meetings as needed

Minimum Requirements:
• Managerial experience (preferably in a multifaceted, church-related child care facility)
• Classroom experience with young children.
• Strong interpersonal skills.
• Marketing expertise (including use of social media).
• Strong computer skills and experience.

Physical Requirements:
• Ability to lift, hold, and carry up to 45 pounds for short distances. Necessary mobility required for monitoring PDO staff and children in multiple rooms and/or on a playground. Position also requires work at a computer keyboard (typing, processing) and screen, sometimes for extended periods of time.

Core competencies:
• Knowledge
o Administration and management – knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, and coordination of people and resources.
o Child behavior and development – Knowledge of child development theory and associated behavioral norms.
o Childcare practices – Knowledge of general norms and practices for care of infants and toddlers, including safety issues and practices.
o Accreditation, licensing, and/or certification requirements and standards.

• Skills
o Preparing budgets and managing financial resources.
o Instructing – Educates teachers of new teaching methodologies.
o Monitoring – Monitors classrooms. Gives constructive feedback on performance of PDO staff.
o Speaking – Communicates to parents and staff in appropriate manner.
o Basic computer skills, including marketing over the Internet and social media.
o Interpersonal – Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships.