NextGen Ministries will offer summer camp pickup during 2017 Annual Conference!

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NextGen Ministries, in partnership with TNUMC Camp & Retreat Ministries, will offer to transport children and youth to Cedar Crest Camp during Annual Conference in 2017. Young people who have finished first through eighth grades can take advantage of this service during the second week of June.

During this week of camp, children who have finished first or second grade can participate in Cedar Crest’s Mini Camp and can be transported from Annual Conference to Cedar Crest and then back to Brentwood UMC upon completion of Mini Camp before the end of Annual Conference.  

Children who have finished second through fifth grades can attend the week-long Elementary Camp, having transportation to Cedar Crest and then be picked up by parents on Friday, June 16 from Cedar Crest. Elementary children this age also may participate in Elementary Outpost Camp, during which they spend a night under the stars in hammocks.

Youth who have finished sixth through eighth grades will have the option of participating in Cedar Crest’s first Adventure Camp this week and also will be transported to Cedar Crest on Sunday, June 11, from Brentwood. These campers will spend half the camp week at Cedar Crest and half the week canoeing on the Green River in Mammoth Cave National Park and be picked up at Cedar Crest on Friday by parents.

Children and youth participating in Elementary, Elementary Outpost, and Adventure Camps this week will be picked up by their parents at Cedar Crest on Friday, June 16.

Registration for these camp options is available at For more information on this transportation option, email Cedar Crest Director Russell Casteel at, or call the Cedar Crest office at 931-670-3025 or contact TNUMC NextGen Children’s Ministry team at


Note for parents whose children will not attend this camp option and will be with them at Brentwood:

As in the past, daily childcare will be provided at Brentwood UMC by reservation. Please contact Gwen Sass at Brentwood to make reservations.