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The YSF is much more than just a drive for funds.  It is one way United Methodist youth respond to God’s command that we be good stewards of all with which God has gifted us.  In addition to good stewardship, it is a way to engage in the mission of the Church, being in ministry to a broken world as we strive to live as disciples of Jesus Christ who are working to transform the world around us.  You can contribute individually or through your church or district.  Some youth groups tithe (10%) to YSF when they are fundraising for other causes, e.g. for a mission trip or Warmth In Winter.

Where do your contributions go? 

For every dollar given:

  • 46 2/3 cents goes to ministries which serve youth inside (1/2) and outside (1/2) the geographic bounds of the Tennessee Conference.  These grants are awarded by the CCYM.
  • 30 cents goes directly to the Youth Service Fund administered by the Division on Ministries with Young People, to  support ministries around the world which serve the needs of youth and children.
  • 23 1/3 cents stays with the Tennessee Conference Council on Youth Ministries to aid in funding the administration of YSF and other youth ministries of the CCYM.  Events like Hands and Feet, mission projects at Warmth in Winter, and other ministries are supported by your contributions.

You Can Contribute Throughout the Year!

Checks should be made payable to Youth Service
Fund and mailed to:
Tennessee Conference UMC Youth Ministries
Attn: Youth Service Fund
304 S. Perimeter Park Dr.
Nashville, TN 37211

Grant Awards

If your ministry/service organization benefits youth in the name of Jesus Christ and you would like to be considered for a YSF grant, applications are available through the Youth Ministries Office or can be downloaded.


The application deadline is April 15, and grants are determined by the CCYM at its meeting. Grant awardees are notified in May.  The grant awards are paid at the time of notification.

Some of the terrific ministries previously supported by YSF grants are Hurricane Katrina Relief, Appalachian Service Project, Mountain TOP, Sager Brown, Magness Potter Center, Henderson Settlement, and Camp Lookout Junior High Mission Week.

For more information on YSF, click here.

YSF Chair: Rachael Horne


2017 Youth Service Fund Grant Recipient Story
Waverly First UMC Youth serve at Sager Brown.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  

For the youth group of Waverly First UMC that single step started with a mission trip to UMCOR in Baldwin, Louisiana.

From that moment on, God has continued to change the way our youth look at mission. We use to look at mission as a thing to do because it was simply something to do… now we truly feel as though we are the hands and feet of Christ.

Starting from the group that went and now reaching out to our church congregation as we share our knowledge, excitement, and passion for mission outside the walls of our church. UMCOR is a place where we can do worldwide mission work while staying in the US.

In the depot, volunteers get to work on flood buckets, health kits, school kits, and sewing kits. This hurricane season our conference challenged our congregations to work together as a team and fill flood buckets that would be put on a semi and taken to UMCOR. We were able to go at this with a greater passion knowing the good UMCOR has done and knowing that our packed flood buckets would be handled with care and would again be prayed for as they were sent off from the depot to those in need. Our mission work, shown to us in full circle. If you are thinking about going on a mission trip and you don’t quite know if you should or not consider this:
There is something in you that the world needs! Any gift you have to offer is a gift God is willing to except! Start your journey! It only takes a single step!

The youth of Waverly First UMC are very thankful for the Youth Service Fund grant for supporting 2 of our mission trips.  The most recent being UMCOR in Louisiana.