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Four areas of focus for the Tennessee Conference are:

Invest in Young People |  Engage the Mission Field |  Create Transforming Lay and Clergy Leaders |  Grow Fruitful and Faithful Churches

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A confession…

Young adults are a vital part of the kingdom but unfortunately we’ve often forgotten about them. Lord, in your mercy, please forgive us.

Young adults desire to be connected to a faith community that is authentically seeking God. Lord, in your mercy, please forgive us for trying to be hip instead.

Young adults grew up in our youth groups and went off on their way, we thought they’d come back but we didn’t pursue them. Lord, in your mercy, forgive us for our apathy.

Young adults want to be known, they want to be connected, they want to know that they are valued, needed, welcome. Lord, in your mercy, please forgive us for taking them for granted.

God help us remember that young adults are just like the rest of us and like the rest of us, need You. Amen.



Our Mission.

The mission of the Young Adult Ministry of the Tennessee Conference of The United Methodist Church is to help young adults discover how God is calling them into service in the name of Jesus Christ, to connect them with other young adults, faith communities, mentors and opportunities so that they will be equipped to be sent out to offer Christ to a hurting world – one person, one neighborhood at a time.


Tayla Fugate
Katie Woodard

Who are young adults?

Young adults are a diverse bunch of people. Not only are they diverse by the norms that we tend to use to define diversity – gender, race, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and music to name a few but they also range in age from around 18 to 30 years old.

They are single, married, married with children, single with children, in college, out of college, never attended college, graduates, grad students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, factory workers, the list is as great as the number of young people in our midst.

One thing for certain that they all have in common despite their vast differences is that they are deeply loved by their Creator, God. Jesus Christ himself was a young adult. His disciples, both men and women, traveling with him were young adults as well. Throughout the Tennessee Conference, young adults are hearing and answering God’s call to ordained ministry as Elders and Deacons, to lay ministry as youth ministers, children’s ministers, and lay ministers. They are active in serving the world through the lens of the Gospel as missionaries and mission interns in ministries such as Project Transformation Tennessee and the Freedom School, as camp counselors at Cedar Crest Camp as well as many other camp and retreat centers.

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How will you help ensure that Young Adults realize that you know them, see them, value them?

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Resources from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

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