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NEXT GEN Discernment Intern is a college student who is discerning a call to vocational ministry. This student should demonstrate a strong Christian character, be self-motivated, display organization skills, a collaborative spirit, and a desire to learn and receive coaching and mentoring.

This person will serve in multiple settings to maximize their experience and opportunity for diverse learning environments.

This is a paid stipend position of $2000 funded by NEXT GEN Budget funds and funds from the local churches where the intern is serving. The student must be able to provide their own housing as well as transportation to their ministry assignment. Any retreats hosted by NEXT GEN Disciples or the local church assignment will be fully funded for the intern by NEXT GEN Disciples or the local church requesting the retreat.

This internship will take place during the summer. Typically it is a 12-week experience in the local setting. It’s an estimated time commitment of 15-20 per week. This time commitment is negotiated through the local ministry setting, the intern, and NEXT GEN Discipleship. If feasible, the intern may hold an additional part-time job as long as it does not interfere with the requirements of the internship.

Applications from students will be accepted through April 10.

The students selected for this internship must come to a required training on Safe Sanctuaries and Boundaries as well as an orientation to the summer internship experience on May 18 at the Tennessee Conference Office.

Throughout the summer, they will come together for collaborative conversations about ministry as well as to discuss weekly podcasts,  as well as a book on leadership and ministry utilizing Zoom Video Conferencing. These video conferences will take place on the following dates:

May 28- 3pm;
June 4- (Lunch Meeting at McCallister’s Deli – Brentwood- 11:45am -1pm);
June 22 – 3pm;
July 14 – 3pm

Each intern will have a weekly check-in with a ministry discernment mentor provided by NEXT GEN Discipleship. These check-ins will provide an opportunity for the intern to share their experiences, learnings, and difficulties. These check-ins will provide a safe space for the intern to process and further discern the impact of their experiences on their call to ministry. 

Each intern will also serve as part of the ministry leadership team at Summer Sizzler at Beersheba Springs Assembly in July. The 2020 dates are July 24-26, 2020.

The intern may begin serving in the local church on May 19 . The internship will conclude with a day retreat on July 30. The last Sunday that the intern will serve in the local church is August 2.

NEXT GEN Discipleship Internship Program requirements/qualifications

Common requirements

  • College students are invited to apply
  • Must have graduated from high school at least one year prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • Not required to be United Methodists, although preference may be given to Methodists.
  • Must be able to provide personal transportation, housing, room, and board.
  • Must be actively discerning a call to vocational ministry.
  • Interns will not be assigned to their “home church”.
  • Interns will generally serve for 12-weeks. They will also be given Memorial Day Weekend as well as July 4th off. 
  • Ministry related expenses (mileage, cost of admission to ministry-related events, etc.) will be reimbursed by the local church.
  • Expenses related to NEXT GEN Discipleship expectations will be covered by NEXT GEN Discipleship including mileage reimbursement.


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