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New online training courses are available for local church leaders and members. The two new courses complement existing online offerings, adding to a learning library that can assist trainees on a journey to boost church vitality.

The Effective Church Marketing course leads participants through a step-by-step process of examination, dreaming and planning using United Methodist Communications’ Church Marketing Plan Tool. At the end of the session, church leaders or teams participating in the training will have a complete marketing plan ready to put into action.

The Your Church Website online training course introduces the tools to plan, build and launch a successful online strategy, from a website and beyond, that helps people connect with local churches in a new way.

“United Methodist Communications is committed to encouraging church leaders to embrace and utilize tools that can help their church grow,” said Dan Krause, general secretary of United Methodist Communications. “Our training courses offer support to churches as they seek to improve communication techniques and enhance outreach initiatives.”

Both new courses will cost less than $40 and will be offered year-round. They join two other year-round courses, both of which are free: Connectional Giving offers a holistic view of generosity, empowering participants to become missional storytellers, and What It Means to be United Methodist covers Methodism, church beliefs, history of the church and church structure.

Now through February 19, registration will be open for the following online courses, which are offered in sessions with set start dates throughout the year. The first session of courses will begin on February 22 and will conclude on April 5; course fees vary.

* Communicating Faith in the 21st Century overviews effective communication techniques utilizing a blend of traditional and digital communications technology.

* Tools for Increasing Your Church’s Vitality encourages discovery of new steps to increase vitality in the church, including small groups and missions.

* Welcoming Ministry is all about hospitality and how churches can best fit into the landscape of their community in order to serve it better.

All trainings will be offered on a new web platform that will greatly enhance participant experience, including full compatibility for mobile devices.

Learn more and register for all online training experiences at