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Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference

December 2019: New Conference Name announcement

September 2019 Bishop’s Blog: Update on Our New Conference


2018 Resolution

Resolution on Intent to Form a New Conference  

Resolution passed at 2018 Tennessee and Memphis Annual Conferences – with the vote over 87% in favor at both.



PowerPoint Presentations


Why are we considering the creation of a new conference?

Creating a Potential New Conference (PDF)

Creating a Potential New Conference (PowerPoint slides)


What are the financial implications and considerations of this potential new conference?

Financial Considerations of Potential New Conference (PDF)

Financial Considerations of Potential New Conference (PowerPoint slides)


Bishop McAlilly’s Blog


Shall We Gather At the River?

Where is God Calling Us? (video message)

On the anticipation of Annual Conference

Resolution for Intent to form a New Conference Passes


Prayer Support

40 Days of Prayer for the Tennessee & Memphis Conferences


Questions & Answers

(updated 5/18/18)

Q:   Where would Annual Conference be held for the new conference?

A: In the best location that could accommodate the larger number of attendees with consideration also being given to parking, lodging and cost.


Q:   How would the formation of a new conference impact conference office location and staff?

A:   Decisions regarding office location and staff would be made based on the strategic needs of the new conference with financial efficiencies also being considered. Our goal is to move resources to the local church, while still having a structure that would meet the emerging needs of the new conference.


Q:   How does the timing of the General Conference 2019 affect our decision to create a new conference?

A:   We do not live in a spirit of fear; there will always be issues to navigate. No matter the outcomes of General Conference in 2019 we will still have hearts to serve and a witness to share in making disciples.


Q:   Are there benefits of a new larger conference over two smaller conferences to give a stronger presence at General Conference? 

A:   That would be difficult to predict. The number of delegates per conference uses a statistical formula which includes the number of clergy and professing lay members of each annual conference. This changes with each General Conference session.


Q:   Would the churches located in Kentucky remain in the newly formed conference or move to the KY Conference?

A:   Our desire would be for all churches to remain united in the new conference.


Q:   Would the geographic boundaries of the districts change?

A:   The intent would be for the nine districts we currently have across both conferences to remain same.


Q:   What would be the name of the new conference?

A:   A decision on the name for a new conference would not be determined until we have completed all the items requiring further study.


Q:   Who makes up the New Conference Advisory Group?

A:   Lay people and clergy from both conferences. This includes leaders identified by position and also those who have shown dedication in service. The individuals serving are:


Scott Aleridge                                              Jim Allen

Allen Black                                                  Bill Bowen, Sr.

Melinda Britt                                                Bryan Brooks

George Brown                                             Lane Camp

Lisa Carson                                                 Richard Clark

Kevin Conrad                                               Larry Davis

Keith Enders                                               Joe Geary

David Hayes                                               Frank Holbrook

Leslie Hotzfeld                                             Bethany Huffman

Terry Hundley                                              Amy Hurd

Johnny Jeffords                                           Tom Laney

Rob Martin                                                  Bishop Bill McAlilly

Bill Milliken                                                  Ken Murray

Holly Neal                                                   Donna Parramore

John Pearce                                                Paul Purdue

David Reed                                                 Deborah Smith

Lynn Taylor                                                 Tommy Ward

Ed White                                                     Nita Wright