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I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God…. Colossians 2:2

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Native Moccasins Rock
August 12-14, 2016 
Lake Benson Christian Camp



Sponsored by Native American Ministries of the

Tennessee and Memphis Conferences of the United Methodist Church



Please Download: Native Moccasins Rock 2016 brochure

Spiritual Formation:

How do traditional values in native cultures impact who you are?  “It is not the events of history or today, but how those events impact who you are spiritually, intellectually, and culturally that define their importance.” Ray Buckley

Where are you on the path as it stretches before you?  Will it be straight, narrow or wide?

Native Moccasins Rock is more than a good time; even though it is a powerfully good time. Through the years, we have been committed to bringing leadership top in their fields to NMR. Whether you want to explore your native culture and tradition or as non-native you want to learn more and affirm the answers to questions you may have about Native Americans – past, present and future; you have an opportunity based on fellowship and understanding through education.

Our Leadership is more than generous with their time. Native American traditions are not “new age” or something “made for tv psychics”. This year, our “Time for Spirit” on Saturday will present the traditional presence of the Cherokee in Tennessee. Each year we will be begin to bring forward education on the 5 “Civilized Tribes” of the Southeast.

There are pictures online if you would like to check out the camp.

Past Events:

Choctaws from MS












Medicinal Plants and Salves: Darryl Patton

Understanding the Drum: Host Drum, Eagle Nation

Women’s Circle: Ragghi Rain

Cooking:Tamara Hicks & Jimmy Yellowhorse

10,000 years of Native Americans in the Southeast: Betsy Irwin

Activism on the Reservation: Albert Bender

Cherokee in Tennessee: Pat Cummins



Rivercane Baskets~Ramsey King

Gourd Vessel~Betsy Irwin *Requires 2 sessions (wood burning tools and paint/stain) $10 fee Sat. p.m. and Sunday limited class size

Flintknapping~Buddy Hayes *Saturday only- a.m and p.m. Youth can opt for for a.m.

Gourd Rattles~Emerson Begay, make your own gourd rattle and learn the significance, Saturday a.m.

Beading~Juanita Gardinski & other guest leader,s offered 3 times

Beading~loom style~requries 2 classes with $10.00 fee

Flute~ Learn to play! Led by our well known flute   players, offered 3 times

Pottery~Join us to learn the old ways of making pottery. *offered 3 times

Make your mocs ~ Debbie Fitzhugh, Make your moccasins, learn more about where they come from– requires 2 classes, $20.00 fee Saturday pm and Sunday  *Limited class size!

Ah Shucks! Corn Shuck dolls for Adults: Led by Charlotte Hagood -The “grown ups” want to make a corn shuck creation too! Sunday

Youth: SPECIAL~Ragghi Rain will lead the way for the youth finishing blankets to warm someone in the future. Stories, turtles and prayers. Saturday p.m.


Please Download:Native Moccasins Rock 2016 brochure

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