National Prison Summit to be held in Nashville, TN

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Opening session from the 2016 National Prison Summit on Mass Incarceration

Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century will host the 4th Annual National Prison Summit on Mass Incarceration in Nashville October 25-27. This National Prison Summit is a teaching and development opportunity designed to bring awareness, empower, encourage and equip local congregations who work in the area of Prison Ministry, social justice and local school partnership and family outreach. Cutting-edge strategies and policy development will be taught by experts and professionals allowing ministries, non-profits and community members to be equipped with best practices to impact lasting and systemic reform in their communities and beyond.



SBC21 is inviting pastors, lay leaders, and members to join the planning committee at its first meeting 10am, Thursday morning, February 22 at the Discipleship Ministries/Upper Room Building. For more information, contact Pam Holman @ 615.340.1722 .

Special Instructions:
Churches with or without Social Justice or Prison/Correctional Ministries are encouraged to send a representative to serve on the design team to participate in the development of this 2-days event that will draw at least 1000 attendees from across the Country over the course of the event. The first meeting will be Thursday, February 22 @ Discipleship Ministries/Upper Room Building.