Native American Resource Day

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Attendees enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship on March 5th at Blackman UMC sharing the past and present about Native American cultures, traditions, spirituality and way of life.

Native American Resource Day 2017 emphasized understanding “The Act of Repentance, General Conference 2012, Resolution #3323.” Bishop McAlilly presided over the TN and Memphis Annual Conferences joint Act of Repentance on November 12, 2016.  Attendees discussed how you can help your church begin to walk a spiritual journey of understanding and healing.

Per The Book of Discipline, the Committee on Native American Ministries promotes and resources a Special Offering Sunday. Each church received a packet of resources enabling them to recognize and celebrate the gifts/talents Native Americans bring to the table of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Speakers Included:

Albert Bender, Native American lawyer
Topic: Treaties, past and present

Jeffery Hobbs
Topic: Mixed heritage, traveling Smithsonian exhibit at Martin Methodist about Africans and Native Americans

Shelby Ruch, Student Leader for Martin Social Justice
Topic: Effectiveness of the UMC in Native American Ministry