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George Brown

General Conference was Affirming in that it is clear that the Delegation is composed of Caring, Committed, Spiritual Christians who love their Church. Many have differences, but the love of God and the Church is the same.

It is also clear that the real work of the Church is done all across the World this week and throughout time in Thousands of Churches around the world. While General Conference is necessary, it is not the real work of our Church.

From a General Conference we realize how Global in Nature our Church has Become, and how much Richer we are because of the world influence.

The Delegation referred all legislation on Human Sexuality to The Council Of Bishops, to appoint a special Commission to study and convene a special Called Conference in two or three years to deal with this one issue. I am going to Trust the Bishops to lead us through this Discussion. I hope we all pray for the Wisdom of Solomon for the Bishops, so that we don’t divide the baby to satisfy the claims of ownership from the opposing extremes. It seems that we have about 3 to 5 % who are very progressive and 3 to 5 % who are very conservative. the other 90 to 94 % of us have to learn to do Ministry between those Margins.

I am going to Pray for and Trust the Council of Bishops. We Elected them because we believe they are Anointed by God To Lead the United Methodist Church. I Think it is now up to us to Pray and Allow God to work through Them to help our Church become the Instrument that God Desires it to be in This World.