Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare’s United Methodist Clergy Discount Program

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Eligible Clergy and Clergy Family Members:
Active and retired United Methodist Clergy and their legal dependents; immediate family of deceased United Methodist Clergy; United Methodist Diaconal Ministers and their legal dependents; and Certified Candidates who are enrolled in a United Methodist approved seminary and their legal dependents are eligible for a clergy discount. Eligible persons included
are: Elders and Deacons in Full Connection, Commissioned Provisional Members, Licensed Full Time Local Pastors, Licensed Part Time Local Pastors, Diaconal Ministers and Certified Candidates enrolled in a United Methodist Seminary.
Amount of Discount:
After all insurance payments are received by Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Patient Financial Services a discount of up to 60% of the original bill will be applied.
Process to apply for UMC Clergy Discount:
During the admission/registration process, Clergy and/or Clergy Family Members request a United Methodist Clergy VIP Discount [VIP Code “MM”].
Following discharge, Clergy/Family Member will receive a statement from Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare thanking him/her for choosing Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare for his/her healthcare needs and stating that a claim for insurance payment has been submitted.
If the Clergy or Family Members receives a statement indicating “There are no insurance benefits pending. The balance is your responsibility.” please contact:
Chaplain Jonathan Lewis
Faith & Health Division
Methodist Healthcare
1211 Union Avenue, Suite 700
Memphis, TN 38104
Office: (901) 516-0990
Chaplain Lewis will assist with reviewing cases to determine if MLH UMC Clergy Discount has been applied.
If there are any questions regarding eligibility for the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Clergy Discount Program for United Methodist Clergy/Family Members, need help with requesting the Clergy Discount, need help in determining if a facility is a part of the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Clergy Discount program or any other questions regarding the United Methodist Clergy Discount or Clergy Discounts for non-United Methodist Clergy/Family Members, please contact Chaplain Lewis.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Facilities That Honor Clergy Discount:
  • Methodist University Hospital
    1265 Union Avenue
  • Methodist South Hospital
    1300 Wesley Drive
  • Methodist North Hospital
    3960 New Covington Pike
  • Methodist Germantown Hospital
    7691 Poplar Avenue
  • Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital
    50 North Dunlap
  • Methodist Olive Branch Hospital
    4245 Bethel Road, Olive Branch, MS
  • Methodist Extended Care Hospital
    225 South Claybrook
  • Methodist Diagnostic Centers
    1377 Germantown Road South
    3950 New Covington Pike
    1801 Union Avenue
    1300 Wesley Drive
  • Le Bonheur East Diagnostic Center
    806 Estate Place
  • Methodist Alliance Home Health
  • Methodist Alliance Medical Equipment
  • Methodist Alliance Hospice
    6400 Shelby View Drive
  • Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Minor Medical Centers
    8045 Club Parkway
    8071 Winchester
  • Le Bonheur East Surgery Center
    786 Estate Place
  • Methodist Germantown Surgery Center
    1363 South Germantown Parkway Methodist
  • North Surgery Center
    3950 New Covington Pike
  • Hamilton Eye Institute
    930 Madison Avenue
*As of December 2016. Subject to change without notice.

The Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Clergy Discount program does NOT apply to physician services.Clergy will need to deal directly with the individual physician or physician group to see if the physician and/or physician group has a Clergy Discount Program and what the criteria are for eligibility for Clergy and/or Clergy Family Members.
[A few physician practices with specific relationships with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare have agreed to provide a Clergy Discount equal to what MLH provides. If you have a question regarding physician practice dis
counts, contact Chaplain Lewis.]
Below are some, but not all, of the area hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, surgery centers that do NOT honor the Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare Clergy Discount. These facilities may or may not have a clergy discount program. Clergy will need to deal directly with the facility to see if the facility has a Clergy and/or Clergy Family Discount Program and if so, what the individual criteria are for each facility.
  • Duckworth Pathology
  • Memphis Radiological
  • Any Baptist Memorial Hospital or facility
  • Delta Medical Center
  • Parkwood Hospital
  • Any St. Francis Hospital or facility
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • UroCenter
  • Venncare
  • Wolf River Surgery Center
  • Campbell Clinic Surgery Center-Midtown
  • East Memphis Surgery Center
  • Charter Lakeside Behavioral Health System