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Partnership in God’s Mission

Mission is not an optional program of the church, but the means by which we spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Mission is a natural aspect of any Christian lifestyle and is to be incorporated into the ongoing life of every congregations.

The Biblical Witness

The Scriptures remind us that mission is the activity of the Holy Trinity. By the authority of the God of justice, mercy and peace, the risen Jesus sends the church into mission partnership with God (Matthew 28:18-20). God’s authority sends the church into mission (John 17:18). God’s power sustains the church in mission (Luke 24:49). God’s revelation in Jesus the Christ defines the church in mission.

Joining God in Mission Today

God’s light shines in every corner of the earth, and God’s mission extends to all creation. There are no places in the world where God is not present, only places where God in Christ is not known, acknowledged, served or heeded. Serving in missions is God’s mission. It is global in focus and local in expression.


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