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New Student Spaces 2018

This summer, Martin Methodist College maximized an unrestricted gift by adding student gathering spaces, including The Hammock Hangout, Sand Volleyball Court, expanded Student Union & RedHawk Café spaces, and a patio with a fire pit. The fire pit has served as a lovely setting for REFUEL – a once a month, student-led worship experience.



UM-related College & the UMC Connection

Two days after new students moved in, I began receiving email from a mother frantic about whether her high-functioning, autistic college student would engage on campus or just be a hermit in his room. When I read the email a second time, I noticed the mother’s email signature said “Rev.”  I assured the mother I would follow-up with her student, and then, I inquired about her place of ministry. Turns out, this MMC parent is serving as a local pastor in a neighboring Conference.  But more importantly, her son was responsive to my emails, we had a positive first meeting in which I recommended Spiritual Life groups where he may find his niche.

A few weeks later, I was sitting on the platform during Convocation.  I listened to our speaker share about servant-leadership and scanned the student body to see if any students were soaking up our speaker’s wisdom. To my surprise and delight, I saw the Rev.’s son sitting with students who are active in Spiritual Life groups, and I was, once again, reminded of the power of the Holy Spirit and our United Methodist Connection as our church connections helped this young man come out of his room and find his niche on campus.

2018 Ice Cream Social sponsored by the Student Christian Association (SCA)















Rev. Laura Kirkpatrick McMasters is the Chaplain for Religious Life at Martin Methodist College. Contact Laura.