Local Church Historians’ School to be in September

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ATTENTION : Local Church Historians, members of Local Church Records and History Committees, church archivists, or any United Methodist with a serious interest in caring for the history of the local church.

The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church will be offering a School for Local Church Historians, beginning in September.  Lessons will be based on materials successfully used in the Indiana Conference in 2015.  The School consists of twelve (12) weekly emailed lessons, that will include activities to be applied in one’s own local church.  No fees, travel, meetings, exams or rigid deadlines will be involved.  This will be a strictly do-it-yourself guided instructional experience.

Two years ago, the Commission on Archives and History of the Indiana Conference sponsored the development of materials for a “Local Church Historians’ School” to provide an extensive continuing education experience for Hoosier Methodists right in their local churches.  Twelve weeks’ worth of materials, involving readings, study and activities, were prepared and offered in the fall  of that year.

The course was free and involved no travel, meetings, or deadlines.  The materials were delivered online via emails, and all activities could be carried out in the participant’s own home, church,  or community.   The content was based on—and expanded on— the topics covered by the Guidelines for Local Church Historians prepared by the General Commission and available through Cokesbury.

Enrollment reached nearly 200 historians and other interested people from more than 150 local churches.   This experience has prompted the Indiana Commission to offer the course again this fall and this time to open the enrollment to participants from other annual conferences (again, at no cost).

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