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Charlotte-Fagan UMC, Charlotte, TN – Dickson County has had a difficult year. After the shooting death of police sergeant Daniel Baker in Dickson, fundraisers to help the family became a common refrain in the community. On Sunday, June 10, Jet Anderson walked into the pastor’s office with his mother, youth director Loran Anderson, to pitch an idea for a car wash and lemonade stand to raise money for the Baker family.

The carwash was held at Charlotte-Fagan on Saturday, June 16. Members of the community stopped by to donate, have their car washed and enjoy a cup of lemonade. One who stopped by was the chief deputy of Dickson Sheriff’s Department Dustin Evans who then contacted others in the department. In total, over ten members of the sheriff’s department and Dickson police came by to support Jet’s initiative.

That’s not even the most impressive part: the group raised over $1000 with only a bucket of sudsy water and a pitcher of lemonade, and some good friends. The public response has been wonderful and great advertising for Charlotte-Fagan. Empowering our kids to do ministry is a major part of discipleship, and God has proven to us that no one is too young to have an impact.

– submitted by Rev. Nick Baird-Chrisohon