“I Don’t Even Know What Day It Is!”- Five Tips for Children’s Ministry Leaders During COVID-19

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If you are finding yourself feeling a little out of sorts, and maybe even forgetting what day of the week it is, we want you to know you are not alone. This season of doing ministry in light of COVID-19 is one that none of us feel prepared for. There is not a book to read or a seminary course to learn the best practices for serving our churches, families, and children well in a crisis like this. As you struggle, try new things and work to care for both your own needs and the needs of your faith community well, we want to encourage and support you. Give yourself grace, know you are not alone and, most of all, remember that God is with us in this.

  • Remember to Care for Yourself – As people who care and minister for children, it is important to care for ourselves as well.  Look for simple ways to nurture your own soul through spiritual disciplines. Click here for a devotional resource that is especially for children’s ministry leaders working to share God’s love with kids right now.  
  • Reach Out for Prayer – None of us have led a ministry through a pandemic before.  Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to pray for you as you follow God’s leading in unknown territory. 
  • Connect with Other Children’s Ministry Leaders – Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley, creator of “A Time for Children” is hosting free Zoom meetings for children’s ministry leaders to provide weekly support and sharing of ideas.  Meetings are Wednesdays at 11 am CDT. Click here for more information.
  • “Press Pause” with a Webinar – the International Network of Children’s Ministry recently posted a free webinar about the unique shifts that are happening in our lives and ministry during this time and how we can keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we face new challenges.  Click here to watch a replay.  INCM also has a library of free webinars, to keep up with your own spiritual development and learning.
  • Keep it Sustainable – We all want to do the most that we possibly can to keep kids connected to God, the church, and one another right now.  Before you jump in, ask yourself: What can be reasonably maintained for an indefinite time frame? Quality is better than quantity here.  Make sure that you are putting systems in place that will be sustainable. Your Sunday School curriculum may also be putting out free resources.  Click here to see Cokesbury Kids’ new free resources for kids and families, including virtual Sunday School!


Remember, you are not alone!  God is with you and with the families that you serve, and God will see us through.  You are loved, and you are called. Thank you for loving God’s children through this most difficult time! 

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