Homiletic Peer Coaching | January 10-12 @Vanderbilt

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An upcoming 3-day all expenses paid opportunity January 10-12, 2018 at Vanderbilt that would be perfect as a continuing education experience for any pastor who would like to dig in for three days on their vocational formation as a preacher, and on their sermons.

Preachers will be placed in a group of six that will be led by a peer-coaching group leader-in-training. This is a unique experience in which they experience the inductive group coaching process, getting carefully managed group feedback, and individual (one-to-one) feedback on both vocational formation cases and sermons, while also having the benefit of hearing an expert training team reflect on the facilitating work of coaching group leaders who are in the Vanderbilt leadership training program. This kind of “parallel learning” can be very powerful and helpful at multiple levels.

It is an excellent experience for preachers of all ages and experience levels, but would be particularly useful for young, developing preachers.

The official site for the program, with online application forms is: http://divinity.vanderbilt.edu/programs/HomileticPeerCoaching.php

The blog which goes into more depth is located at: https://homileticcoaching.com/

Applications will be accepted until November 10, 2017.