United Theological Seminary Hispanic Christian Academy

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This three-year online program in Spanish offers courses in Bible, Theology, Church and Mission, and Ministry. These four areas provide a sound, robust and foundational training to prepare leaders for ministry in the church to work with a pastoral team.
Our preference is to work with an already established church organization/group, such as a United Methodist Annual Conference, so that students can go through the program as a group and can have support through mentoring/supervision and scholarships. However, we also accept students who enroll on an individual basis.
Depending on the need and United Methodist affiliation we may provide a scholarship of up to $100 per course. In order to keep costs down, each course has only one required textbook priced under $20/course, and some even use a free online PDF version of the book. We encourage students to seek financial aid from their UM conference or general church agency and their local church.
Breakdown of Costs:
  • $350/course ($100 possible scholarship/course)
  • $25 application fee
  • $240 textbooks (maximum; current estimate is $120 for all 3 years)
  • Computer, computer programs, etc.
If you are interested in learning more about the Hispanic Christian Academy, please contact Erin Gildner at ergildner@united.edu.