Help Stock the UM Disaster Relief Warehouse

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Contact: Angela Overstreet,

When there are tornadoes or flooding, we have teams trained to assess what is needed to assist in the communities hit by disaster. They ask what people need. They know what the UMCOR Warehouse can provide quickly after a disaster — and why those things might be needed.

  • Rakes – to remove tree limbs and debris
  • Flat billed shovels – to remove mud and mud soaked carpet
  • Box Fans – to help dry out floors, walls, to demur growth of mildew and mold
  • Wheelbarrows – to haul debris to the street\road so the city\county can haul it to the local dump.
  • Box Ministry – helps victims pack salvageable belongings. (We have the boxes.)
  • Heavy duty trash bags
  • UMCOR Health Kits – with clean wash clothes, band aids, tooth brushes and tooth paste, etc.
  • UMCOR Cleaning buckets – with $55 worth of cleaning supplies

How You Can Help

The warehouse is most in need of the following things during a disaster:

  • Roofing Supplies – tarps, long roofing nails, wooden strips (to hold tarps) on roofs
  • Flashlights and extra batteries

If you would like to learn more about our connectional Disaster Warehouse in Decatur, Alabama, please contact Angela Overstreet.

Please Encourage Early Response Team (ERT) Training

The Tennessee Conference can only send specially trained individuals into areas hit by a disaster. Please encourage your church members to take advantage of one of the opportunities offered throughout the year — or contact Angela Overstreet for more information.  We are most helpful when we know what we are doing and are properly prepared.