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New Book by Diaconal Minister and Mission Worker
Roela  Victoria Rivera, a legally blind woman of faith  has published titled book, “Glimpses of Heaven:  GOD’s Gifts of Grace in Daily Life,” c2017.  She will lead a premier introduction of her new book at the Deacons’  Luncheon meeting on Monday, June 12 at noon during the Tennessee Conference in Brentwood United Methodist Church.  A thanksgiving prayer will be offered to bless her new book. Roela was able to write this inspirational devotional book by the miracle of GOD’s grace, inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and loving support from her family!  This is Roela’s covenant and thanksgiving offering to GOD for her new life after she had near-death experience in 2002 that blessed her to see the beauty and glory of Heaven and heard the voice of GOD.  She became legally blind in 2004 but this condition did not stop her from doing her ministry and mission.


Glimpses of Heaven 2017 -front coverThe book includes inspiring devotions, prayers, and poetry written mostly by Roela with some faith stories and testimonies by some friends and family.  This 240-page book in full color features selected Scripture verses and Roela’s creative artworks in Oriental Style all amazingly done before and after she became legally blind.
World Editor  of the Upper Room, Rev. Steven Bryant has this to say: “In Mark 8:18, Jesus asks his disciples, “Do you have eyes, and fail to see?” The ability to see is more than physical. In “Glimpses of Heaven:  God’s Gifts of Grace in Daily Life,” Roela Rivera who is physically blind herself helps us to see what she has learned to see with the eye of the heart: God’s presence when  He feels absent ……..”
Director  Tommy Ward of the Office of Ministerial Concerns, TN Conference remarked, Roela may be legally blind, but the clarity of her sight is evident in every aspect of her life, especially in her writing about the amazing grace of God. This book is not only a testimony to Roela’s faith, but it will also be a blessing to yours.” 
Roela served as Diaconal Minister for 17 years in the Tennessee Conference with extention mission service to the Philippines Central Conference.  She and husband Jun organized their GraceNotes Creative Ministry in 2009 with a mission to share GOD’s Word and love, grace and hope for eternal life in Heaven through Jesus Christ.  They now serve as Mission Workers to help support and realize their Mission Projects in some areas in the United States, Philippines, and Mexico.
Book copies are available for purchase during the event.  Proceeds will be faithfully used for the Tree of Life Chapel Altar in Puebla, Mexico and for the construction of Grace Prayer Chapel at UMC Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. 
For more information and book orders email gracenotesrvrivera@gmail.com or junrivera@bellsouth.net.