General Conference 2019 Special Session: Day 4, Tuesday, Feb. 26

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Delegates stand and gather to pray at one point during the session. Photo: Kylie Marino

Petitions that had been approved to move forward out of the legislative session on Monday as well as minority reports were brought before the plenary session on the fourth and final day of the special session of General Conference.

The One Church Plan, which failed on Monday, was reintroduced as a minority report. Arguments for and against this plan were put forth. This plan was rejected.

Most of the day was spent considering suggested amendments to the Traditional Plan, running the session into the closing hour. In the end, the plan passed by a narrow margin.

The Traditional Plan keeps the current language around sexuality and increases accountability. There are some constitutional concerns around some parts of the plan as passed.

Loud yelling and singing in protest occurred throughout the afternoon, especially in the final hour of the special session. Protesters filled the lobby, singing, and attempted to march on to the delegate floor, however, they were stopped by security. St. Louis police were called to the site, however, in the most part the protest while loud – was peaceful.

More detail about this session and the votes can be found in this UMNews article.

The Council of Bishops statement released at the close of this special session of General Conference.

Bishop McAlilly posted a video in response to the decision.