General Conference 2019 Special Session – Day 2, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019

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TNUMC and Memphis delegates during the Sunday session. Photo: Kylie Marino

The second day of the special session began with worship and an appeal for unity in the sermon by Bishop Kenneth Carter, “Remember: you are the people of the cross and the flame.” (Read sermon text.)

The morning business sessions then dealt with logistical matters and the introduction of members of the Commission on a Way Forward. Commission members shared in detail how they prepared for and accomplished the work for which they were tasked over the past 17 months.

The report from the Commission on a Way Forward was then made with different individuals from the group presenting the three plans submitted to the Council of Bishops. The presentations were thorough and pointed out the advantages for each plan developed by the commission: One Church Plan, Connectional Conference Plan, and Traditional Plan.

To close their presentation, the group led everyone in a few moments of centering with calming exercises guided in part by Tennessee Conference deacon Casey Orr.

During the afternoon business sessions, delegates voted on how to prioritize the 78 petitions brought before the General Conference session. Detail on those determined to be of highest priority are included in this UMNews article.

After a break, the Legislative Officers were elected with Joe Harris as chair. Another break was taken and consideration of the petitions began and will continue throughout Monday’s sessions.