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By Brad Fiscus, Director of Next Gen Discipleship

Brad Fiscus

During these past 12 years as a Tennessee Conference staff person, I have been blessed by the multitude of young people, youth ministers, children’s ministers, campus ministers, and pastors that I have had the opportunity to be in ministry alongside. Each of you has left a mark upon my faith journey that will not go away. I’ve experienced great joy as well as sorrow, happiness as well as a deep longing for spiritual transformation for myself and those with whom I’ve been in ministry. 

Father Richard Rohr, says – “Change is a necessary part of life; change can either lead to chaos or lead to transformation.” 

Change happens, it’s how we handle the transitions, that either leads us to transformation or bitterness and hopelessness. 

I choose transformation. All of these experiences have transformed me into who I am.

Father Rohr goes on to say: “It’s the deep yeses that carry you through. Focusing on something you absolutely believe in, that you’re committed to, will help you wait it out. Love wins over guilt any day.” 

For many years, I have felt the calling to serve my community as well as our state in a different way. My father’s uncle was a State Representative in the Indiana State Legislature for many years, and he was someone I looked up to, someone of great faith and integrity. By now I hope, you have heard that I am a candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives. This decision is a result of saying “yes” to that deep longing that I have had since I was a member of a youth group as a middle schooler. 

To more fully live into this calling and next chapter, I will be leaving the Tennessee Conference staff at the end of July. I am grateful for the support, love, and encouragement each of you has provided me over these last 15 years of ministry in the Tennessee Conference as both a local youth minister and as a conference staff person. The experiences I have gained during this time have been a valuable part of my development and discernment. 

So as I leave this position, know that you are sending me out as a transformative leader ready to love and serve God and the people of God for the transformation of the world for Jesus Christ.

Thank you for helping me develop the courage, resilience, and the determination to go, love, and serve.