Mama Lynn Center Receives Continued Support

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Rev. N. Neelley Hicks, TNUMC pastor and Founder & Executive Director, Harper Hill Global, reports that the following gifts have been donated for the benefit of the Mama Lynn Center and its participants:

1) Martha Irwin raised money with her UMW team for 100 yards of “Esther” fabric to be designed and printed in Kisangani. This fabric should be used to tell the story of women arising with dignity, and income generated from its sales should help the Mama Lynn Center with ongoing programs. I am sending the money via Express Union to Judith today for management. Also included is $200 for Bibiche’s books which are needed for nursing school.

2) Pierre Omadjela will soon deliver a solar generator funded by Harper Hill Global to power the projector and speaker provided last year to Judith. This helps to complete the “Virtual Classroom” which takes education to the people where they live, even if they have no electricity or Internet. Members of the Women Arise Network are being equipped with the “Virtual Classroom” to improve access to helpful information. Another user of the system (in Uganda) regularly travels with a health worker to teach prevention of disease in rural communities.

3) First United Methodist Church of Union City has voted to provide the Mama Lynn Center with a gift of $10,004.12, providing Survivor Kits to this term’s 30 class graduates of the Center.

The kit includes:

Sewing machine
Caustic soda for soap preparation
Vegetable oil
Sugar and others
Palm oil and others things
Roll of poplin fabric

The foundation’s gift also provides a $300 ($50 each month for 6 months) honorarium for each of the five professors this term.

We are thankful for the witness that these individuals and churches are providing for the continued work of Mama Lynn Center.

Click this link for more information on Congo Women Arise and the Mama Lynn Center.