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Director of Youth Ministries
Summit United Methodist Church
Durango, CO



PURPOSE: To provide safe, compelling & transformational environments for youth to experience the presence of Jesus in their lives and to inspire the church to invest in the next generation by being active in their lives now.

• A heart for God and a passion for being a champion for the next generation of Christ followers.
• Strong organizational, verbal, and written skills and attention to detail.
• Leader of leaders and team ministry committed.
• Ability to build relationships and community within the church body.
• Ability to develop a system to ensure the next generation has adults in their lives who can invest in them and help them grow into fully devoted followers of Christ.
• Ability to recruit and develop adults of all ages to engage in ministry with youth.
• Ability to adapt to an ever changing world to ensure we continue to connect with and minister to the next generation with sound biblical teaching that youth can relate to and understand.
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience leading in youth ministry.
• Lifelong learner who will attend continuing education events.
• Must complete Safe Gatherings training, background check and psychological profile testing.
• Must agree to Summit Staff Covenant, Guidelines for Conflict Resolution, Team to Team Best Practices and align with Summit Church Values.

SUPERVISION: Directly to the Ministry Program Director
Indirectly to the Directional Team & Lead Pastor

WORK WEEK: Approximately 40 hours

POSITION CLASSIFICATION: Full-time, lay, exempt

COMPENSATION: Set annually by the Directional Team (see below)

BENEFITS: As described in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual for Lay Employees
SALARY RANGE: $48-58K for Program Director, plus benefits

• Participate in staff leadership development and collaboration opportunities.
• Participate on Teaching Team and attend Worship Planning Team meetings as scheduled.
• Recruit and develop a Lead Team that can provide leadership and development of Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) within the youth ministry that are in alignment with the Summit Church Parent MAP.
• Regularly implement Reflect, Adjust, Do (RAD) process with Lead Team as a means of progressive development within the youth ministry.
• Organize and lead safe, compelling & transformational programming for teens, using whatever platforms necessary to reach them and get them engaged (in person/online/ outdoors/etc.).
• Be the champion and voice for the next generation and help the church understand its role in providing a loving network of caring adults who are committed to helping the next generation grow in faith, wisdom, and connection with the body of Christ.
• Provide leadership opportunities for youth, parents, and other adults within the youth ministry.
• Collaborate with other staff to provide opportunities for youth and parents to serve in other ministry areas in the church according to their gifts and passions.
• Provide/lead/coordinate a meaningful worship experience geared toward youth on a regular basis.
• Coordinate a healthy and strong small group ministry for youth with quality leadership, and encourage all youth connected to Summit Students to participate in a small group on a regular basis.
• Recruit and coordinate a team of adult mentors and teachers to help lead Confirmation class for 8th grade students and above between January and May each year.
• Meet up with students one-on-one, or in smaller groups, outside of scheduled youth events to provide encouragement and support.
• Work closely with the Director of Children and Family Ministries to develop a discipleship plan that flows from infancy to graduation from high school, paying careful attention to the transitions from grade school to middle school, and from middle school to high school to ensure students stay connected through those transitional periods.
• Ensure all volunteer opportunities within the youth ministry are up-to-date in VOMO and all volunteers are trained on how to use VOMO.
• Be present and available at weekend worship services on a regular basis to connect with youth, youth parents, and prospective volunteers at the various services.
• Develop and oversee yearly budget for the youth ministry.
• Lead online devotionals at 9 am every Tuesday morning to go along with Med Moments.
• Ensure youth ministry opportunities are being shared and promoted through social media outlets and information on the youth page on the church website is always up-to-date and relevant.
• Other duties as assigned and agreed to.

The strategies of the ministries that the Youth Director leads reflect the overall Ministry Action Plan (MAP) of the church. See Summit Church Parent MAP for more details on each of these strategies:
1. A healthy and effective Disciple Making System- Connect, Transform, and Engage.
2. A healthy and effective Leadership Development System.
3. A healthy and effective Vital Ministry System.
4. Discover best ways to connect with people in the new context.

The Youth Director will be evaluated on the following metrics for year 1, with new metrics determined each additional year by the third quarter of that current year:
1. Develop a “Lead Team” of at least 6-8 people that will:
a. Consist of some youth, youth parents, and other adults in the church.
b. Commit to meet regularly with you (at least monthly and preferably weekly) to go through the L3 Leadership Development process together.
c. Provide prayer, support, and encouragement for one another and the ministry.
d. Help develop Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) for the youth ministry and ensure the strategies within those MAPs are being implemented.
e. Help brainstorm and plan events.
f. Develop student and adult leadership opportunities in the youth ministry.
2. Increase volunteers within youth ministry by at least 5 members in year one.
a. Identify and onboard 5 new volunteer leaders.
b. Plan interest events and create training materials for volunteer leaders that encourage commitment, consistency, and servant hearts.
c. Ensure ALL current and future volunteers are registered for VOMO and are using VOMO to sign up for volunteer opportunities within your ministry area.
d. Ensure ALL current and future volunteers have signed and agreed to live into the Volunteer Leader Covenant and have completed Safe Gatherings Training.
3. Create a detailed plan for getting more students & adults engaged in the youth ministry.
a. Develop and implement a plan for adults to invest in the next generation by using their gifts within the youth ministry.
b. Invest in at least 5 high school youth who will be the primary student leaders within the youth ministry this year.
4. Try something new.
a. Use your creativity to think outside the box about an experiment we might try that you believe will make a positive impact in the youth ministry/church/community.
b. Share your plan with your supervisor and Lead Team to get their input and designate any resources needed and a timeline for if/when to launch your new idea.
c. When you feel you have everything in place to implement your plan, go for it!
d. After the new idea has been implemented for at least a few months, be sure to conduct a Reflect-Adjust-Do (RAD) exercise with your Lead Team to see if it accomplished what we thought it would and to make any neces