Director of Youth Ministries/Ripley First UMC

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Location: Ripley FUMC; Full-time

Position overview: The Director of Youth Ministries serves as a staff member of the church and has responsibility for helping
create and carry out a vision for the youth in our church and community in concert with the vision, strategic
goals, and objectives of the Ripley First United Methodist Church. The Director will work with the senior
pastor, staff and other ministry leaders to plan, implement and administer the Ministries of our church
which focus on the youth yet includes their families.

Expectations: Role model Christian behavior through actions, words, and lifestyle.
Work as a team player with other staff and lay leadership, striving to fulfill the mission and ministry of Ripley
First United Methodist Church.
Demonstrate spiritual growth personally and enable such for our students.
Show skill for recruitment of servant workers and delegation of responsibility appropriate to skill level of the
servant workers.
Use servant teams to help co-ordinate fundraising events, service projects, mission opportunities, Sunday
School classes, and other programs and events in the Youth Ministries of Ripley FUMC.
Have the ability to strategize about, plan and execute large scale events.
Maintains appropriate confidentiality at all times.
Work as an effective member of the Ripley FUMC staff, coordinating youth activities in concert with other
church ministry activities.

Qualifications: Demonstrate a strong faith in Jesus Christ in life and in practice.
Lead a spiritually disciplined life.
A strong commitment to the ministries and values of Ripley FUMC.
Skills in recruiting, nurturing and supporting servant workers.
Effective communication skills (both written and verbal)
Has experience and passion for working with youth and their families.
Has strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
Is able to connect with the various youth and children in the community.
Has knowledge of technology, including computers and video equipment.
Has high energy and an ability to move freely for long periods of time.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
Preference given to candidates who have degrees or certification in Youth Ministries, Christian Education, or similar programs.

Essential Duties:
1. Recruit, train, and empower adults for leadership roles in ministries with children and youth;
2. Seek to teach the Christian faith to the children and youth of our church and community within a
Biblical Worldview and the Wesleyan Tradition;
3. Develop long range plans with the senior pastor, the Church Council, and the Youth Ministry Team
to assure spiritual growth and meet the educational needs of the youth and their parents/sponsors;
4. Develop and publicize programs and events that will attract new families to our congregation;
5. Work with the church administrators to insure that the background files on all personnel working
with youth are updated regularly;
6. Work with all teachers and coordinators to evaluate and refine existing programs which pertain to
the youth and young adults in our church;
7. Identify and promote other youth programs as the need arises;
8. Prepare an annual budget for the Youth Ministries of Ripley FUMC;
9. Works with the senior pastor as needed with the Confirmation program for our young teens;
10. Serves as a facilitator of the Youth Ministry Team;
11. Create, plan, and execute programs within budgetary requirements using spiritual growth and the
Safe Sanctuary Guidelines of the church; and
12. Oversee the upkeep and activities held at the Activity Building when used by the children and youth.
13. Youth should meet no less than once a week.
14. Plan at least two major events for the youth…one of those being a mission trip.
15. Coordinate chaperone schedule in advance.

Email to apply.