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Alzheimer’s/Dementia: Ministry with the Forgotten


Tennessee Conference United Methodist Church Adult / Older Adult Ministries Alzheimer’s / Dementia: Ministry with the Forgotten with Bishop Kenneth Carder video shoot in Nashville, Tenn. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMCom.

In 2009, someone was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia every 77 seconds.

Today, someone is diagnosed every 66 seconds. And the number is escalating.

In 2050, it will be one person every 33 seconds.

For retired United Methodist Bishop Kenneth Carder, the statistics are personal. His wife, Linda, was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia and he was called into a new vocation—that of caregiver for Linda.

Out of that experience, Bishop Carder felt led to create a five-part study, Alzheimer’s/Dementia: Ministry with the Forgotten, (free downloadable videos and leader’s guide are available below) because he wanted to help start conversations within United Methodist congregations and generate action around caring for people who have a form of dementia as well as their caregivers.


Learn more about Bishop Carder’s journey in the article, Alzheimer’s/Dementia: Ministry with the Forgotten.

What Groups Learn from the Study

The free downloadable five-part video resource and accompanying leader’s guide, covers:

  • Impact and challenges of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
  • The theological basis for church involvement
  • Practical and specific ways local congregations can be involved in caring for those with dementia and their caregivers
  • Ways individuals can communicate, interact, and even worship with people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia


Bishop Carder provides a brief preview of the study in the video below:

Produced by the Golden Cross Foundation for the Adult/Older Adult Ministries

Tennessee Conference of The United Methodist Church

You may download copies of the videos and leader’s guide at no cost. May God bless you as you show love and care to others…

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