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The Connectional Ministries Lead Team fulfills the disciplinary call to guide the ministries of the conference as they seek to implement strategies that enable all the Connectional Ministries teams to accomplish our mission. This team is a group of ten lay and clergy leaders who are committed to investing the time required to hold the rudder and exhibit the gifts of strategic thinking and maintaining a 30,000-foot view. They are continuing the work of the Connectional Ministries Restructuring Team as well as guiding the committees and their leaders to create a culture of faithful leadership, strategy, and accountability.  

They will work directly with Commissions on Global Ministries, Church and Society, Religion and Race, and Status and Role of Women as they advocate a resourcing lens for the local church.  This Lead Team is working to dissolve siloed ministry by creating clearer relationships with other conference entities that you see in orange. They are guiding the strategy of all Connectional Ministries teams while trusting that those leaders know their context best.  

The Connectional Ministries Lead Team is performing the tasks of receiving and crafting the Connectional Ministries budget to present to Committee on Finance and Administration as well as ensure we maintain a culture of valuing the spiritual gifts of leaders more than funding streams.  Finally, this team will be responsible for regarding The Book of Discipline as a guide for their ministry.

As the restructuring team sought to discern the true purpose of Connectional Ministries, we realized the mission statement was the perfect organizational guide to complement our belief that true disciple-making happens in the local church – not the Connectional Ministries office. The role of Connectional Ministries is to equip lay and clergy leaders who shape congregations. For this reason, there will be two main operational teams to drive the missional strategies and their implementation – a Spiritual Leadership Development Team and a Congregational Transformation Team.

Team Members

Chair: B.J. Brack

Melinda Young Britt

George Brown

Tiffany Howard

Chip Hunter

Amy J. Hurd

Adam Jones

Carlos Uroza

Nita Wright

Izzie Zimmerman