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Healthy Congregations

Healthy Congregations strengthens a church’s emotional health, making all ministries more effective. When a church is healthy emotionally, all ministries work better.

The Healthy Congregations ministry helps churches keep Jesus Christ central to their life, mission and ministry, bringing an end to unhealthy church politics. It is the only ministry offered by any church dealing with a church’s emotions. Healthy Congregations transforms anxiety and tension into positive energy, preventing conflict and beginning the healing process.

Healthy Congregations Leadership Team

Team Members:
Skip Armistead –
Joe Bowers –
Melisa Derseweh –
De Hennessy –
Bob Niles –
Don Sensing –
Richard Wesley –

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How can our church have a Healthy Congregations training?

When: Each workshop is 4 to 4 1/2 hours long.  A Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon or beginning with worship on Sunday in conjunction with a church-wide covered-dish breakfast, lunch or supper works best.  A retreat setting or a series of eight Wednesday-night sessions may also be used. Click Healthy Congregation Workshop Arrangements for more information.

Who Leads: An experienced-trained facilitator in the Healthy Congregations ministry coaches the local church sessions.

Where: Local church or a retreat

Costs: Local church pays an honorarium of its choice to the facilitator coach.

Let’s Do It!

Send the Healthy Congregations Covenant Agreement to:

Skip Armistead
TNUMC Conference Center
304 S. Perimeter Park Drive, Suite 1
Nashville, TN 37211

The Six Healthy Congregations Ministry Workshops

Jesus Christ is central to the Healthy Congregations ministry!

Workshop 1: Healthy Congregations helps churches accept and deal with differences, disagreements and change in a healthy and productive way, while maintaining a focus on their strengths and mission.

Workshop 2: Healthy Congregations turn negative anxiety into positive energy, turn potential conflict into positive energy for growth and develop flexibility and creativity while managing any potential conflict.

Workshop 3: Healthy Congregations helps church leaders to sleep better at night. This training increases their ability to manage anxiety in themselves and in a congregation through how they function as leaders rather than through programs and techniques.  This includes developing leaders with immunity to processes that tear down the fabric of the church community.

Workshop 4: Healthy Congregations improve congregational care and strengthens relationships with members through healthy forgiveness, truth telling, connecting, graciousness, encouragement and care.

Workshop 5: Healthy Congregations help church members work with Christ to take control of their financial resources instead of money controlling them.

Workshop 6: The Spiritual Care of Healthy Congregations focuses on members’ spiritual holiness and health, hospitality and their “beginning again as a way of life.”

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