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New Church Development

The Tennessee Conference is active in planting new faith communities and congregations to establish “new places for new faces”. The Congregational Development Committee works with district superintendents in identifying potential areas for new church plants. Congregational Development also enlists, equips, and coaches new church plant pastors and leaders. The TN Conferences is working to start 20 new faith communities by 2020. Currently, 14 new faith-community expressions are underway. Over 20 potential places have been identified to explore in the coming years. John Hill chairs Congregational Development assisted by Lynn Taylor for new missional expressions and John Collett for revitalizing existing congregations.

Cooperative Ministries & Small Membership Churches

The Cooperative Ministries Team is equipped to guide congregations in how to partner with other area congregations. Churches in partnership in a particular geography can often do much more in fruitful ministry than going it alone. Cooperative Ministries also has grant money to assist in developing partnerships. Joe Bowers heads up this team.

New Missional Communities

The Tennessee Conference is active in supporting fresh expressions of missional faith communities. These expressions do not necessarily look like the traditional picture of church. Missional faith communities are springing up among underserved populations such as low income neighborhoods, recovery groups, and homeless persons. These communities represent unconventional ways to gather, worship, prayer, learn, and serve.